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Helpful Travel Insurance Tips

Travel insurance is intended to offer you coverage for a pre-determined time. If you go on your summer vacation for a period of two weeks, it is truly necessary to buy yourself proper travel insurance. Especially if you are going abroad, in another country and you are not so well acquainted with all the customs, traditions, and health care institutions and how these work and especially how legislation works in that country, you must think of taking some protective measures.


Here are some helpful travel insurance tips you should really consider when you are about to buy insurance:

- If you are traveling with your family (including children), then you should look for the so called "multi-pack" travel insurance policies. These are definitely more affordable, and you are eligible for certain discounts.


- Buy additional provisions to your insurance, if you feel that would be absolutely necessary only. These extra provisions usually cost more, but also offer coverage at a higher value. For example, the legal assistance expenses are being paid by insurance only if you have such a separate provision to your standard insurance policy.

- If you usually travel a lot, meaning you go for more than 2 or 3 trips on a yearly basis, then you must know that there are specifically tailored travel insurance policies for your needs: the so called "multi travel plans". These will again bring you discounts, and better and more flexible terms and conditions as these are specifically tailored to fit generally all needs that must be met on any kind of travel.

- Wisely comparison shop before you apply for any type of travel insurance. You certainly must "browse" the market, and check as many options as you can. Decide upon a budget you can allocate for this type of insurance and try to find one that fits your expectations both from the point of view of your available budget and coverage.

- Check that you are offered a relatively comprehensive coverage for the money you will pay on the policy (liability coverage, personal money replacement, proper health assistance, coverage for your valuables)

- When you are taking along expensive equipment such as a laptop or a video camera, digital camera, you can buy additional insurance for these as well. You cannot risk theft or accidental damage to these valuables, and then not being compensated at all. Certainly this means you will have to take more out of pocket money to pay for these insurance provisions, but you will be offered proper coverage.

- If there is a person in the family who suffers from a chronic disease, then it is better to choose individual insurance for each family member, in order for the member with problematic health issues to benefit of good and comprehensive coverage for his/ her needs. Multi-pack family travel insurance is unlikely to cover within an average standard insurance for special health needs.

- Over the age of 60 travel insurance usually costs more, because there is a greater risk involved (the age risk)

- Always ask your local insurance agent about the possible options, if you cannot decide on your own

- If you are visiting a foreign country for work purposes for a time period of up to three months, then look for the long stay travel insurances available. These are much more economical than buying simple individual travel insurance.

- On the other hand if you will not allocate that much time to your traveling, and all you can afford are simply 2 or three days abroad, for a city visiting tour, then you should opt for the so called "city break" options available.

-Also, there are specifically tailored travel insurances for those who travel for business purposes. Again, you can check about the available options with your local insurance agent.

-If you buy your insurance online, you will definitely get some nice discounts (sometimes 15% or even 20% less).


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Staysure Insurance




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