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Providing assisted retirement living, health & finance tips, nostalgic goods & gifts, pastimes, leisure, hobbies, crafts & mobility for the over 50's

We welcome feedback from you regarding this site and our main topic areas, especially anything related to retirement, health, finance, independence & mobility, leisure activities & hobbies & any nostalgic interest aimed at the over 50's.

Our service is a vehicle to benefit you and all our other readers with an improved quality of life as well as being able to satisfy your daily needs. Therefore, if you have any views and ideas, then you can contact us.

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If you have something interesting to say that may suit our over 50's readers, we encourage you to email us. Your suggestion, if accepted, will be published as soon as our staff reviews it. We especially encourage submissions related to the following topics that can also be related to the over 50's:

Retirement, Health, Nutrition, Mobility, over 50's general , Finance, Legal, Hobbies, Home & garden, cooking, safety & nostalgic stories aimed at the over 50's.

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