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Choosing A Live Band For Your Silver Wedding Anniversary Party

The Silver 25th Wedding Anniversary is quite rightly a milestone wedding
anniversary. Spending a quarter of a century in love with one person is to
be celebrated. Mark your anniversary date prominently on your family
calendar by circling the date. Plan your anniversary celebration with your
spouse. Start planning how you will celebrate the day well in

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts (25th)

The traditional gift for a Silver Wedding Anniversary is of course silver.
The traditionally associated flower is the iris. There is a huge range of
silver gifts available from jewellers and on the Internet. Whilst tangible
gifts have, of course, the quality of durability, you may decide to augment
your gift with that of a live performance by a band. If well chosen, this
could be the making of the celebration party.

Types of Music

The type of music chosen for a Silver Wedding Anniversary celebration will
very much depend on the age of the couple in question. If a couple married
young, they might only be in their mid-forties, whereas those who married
later in life may be anything up to eighty plus. Thus, the choice of band is
fundamental to the enjoyment of the celebration. The musical genre should,
of course, suit not only the couple but the wider audience. Much as the
couple may love a 1980`s punk band, friends and family may not share this
enthusiasm! Band and performer types vary enormously and include:

1. Classical Musicians

Classical music is appropriate for a more formal anniversary party. Planning
might involve arranging for food, a bar and a venue from which to host the
event. There is a great variety of classical music available from chamber
music ensembles to string quartets.

2. Jazz Bands

Jazz is appropriate for most Silver Wedding celebrations. Ensembles, solo
instrumentalists or singers are available, performing all forms of jazz
music, Dixieland, the "Big Band" sound, swing and 30s / 40s music.

3. Rock and Pop "Cover" Bands

Rock and Pop cover bands play an assorted set of music appealing to all
ages. Expect songs by "older" artists like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The
Who, Stevie Wonder etc.

4. "Tribute" Bands

These are suitable when the "real" band to which they are paying tribute no
longer exists, are unavailable or would be far too expensive.

How to Choose a Live Band

1. Get a Professional Band

Ensure that any entertainment act is professional. Professional bands are
not shy about posting quotes and testimonials on their websites.

2. Watching Performances

Before booking entertainment, it is imperative to see the artist(s) perform
live. Whether you are booking for your own party or someone else`s, this is
the only realistic way to ensure the quality of performance and the
entertainment value of the performer(s) concerned.

3. Booking in Advance

Ensure that you book the entertainment well in advance of the anniversary
party. Popular acts are generally "booked up" for months in advance. Bear
this in mind when booking your act, to avoid disappointment.

4. Price

The price range is just as broad as the range of entertainment possibilities
available. It is sensible to arrange for local artists to play at your
party, if possible. Otherwise, the cost of overnight accommodation will be
factored in to the price you are charged (and it won`t be the local guest

5. Other Factors

Professional bands should carry public liability insurance (should the worst
happen) and all equipment is required to be PAT certified (portable
appliance testing is now a legal requirement and most venues will insist
upon it as the absence of PAT testing may invalidate any insurance). Check
what access, set-up and break-down times are required together with the
physical stage size: some 5 or 6 piece bands require quite a large stage.
Ask whether the band will provide lighting (which adds to the atmosphere of
the event) and check what the total power requirements for both their sound
and lighting equipment are likely to be.


Any wedding anniversary these days is a significant milestone, particularly
the 25th. Choosing silver wedding
anniversary gifts can be something of a challenge. The gift of a live
performance is both unusual and memorable whether given to the couple or as
a gift from spouse to spouse. In all cases, make sure that the musical genre
will appeal not only to the couple themselves but to friends and family
attending the celebration; book early to ensure you secure the date; always
go to see a performance if you have not used the band before; check total
costs including any accommodation and also check insurance, PAT testing,
lighting, access requirements, timing and physical stage size requirements.
Hopefully, by following the above guidelines in selecting a band, the
celebration will be a resounding (although hopefully not deafening!)


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