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How to get cheaper home insurance


Our home is likely to be the most expensive thing we own, and having worked hard for our property it is important that we protect it in case the worst happens- like a fire, a flood or a burglary. When your home policy is due for renewal, many people simply renew with their insurance provider and do not realise they could get a cheaper deal elsewhere. The house insurance market is buoyant, so there are plenty of deals to be had if you shop around.


There are other things you can do to your home to ensure that you get a better home insurance quote. One thing to consider is the security of your home. There are two types of security to consider- security from thieves and vandals, and security from natural causes of damage, like floods or winds. To secure your home against burglary, you should opt for a good alarm system which has been recommended by NACASS, which can get you a discount of 7.5% off your premium.


Other things you can do is to get good quality locks on all of your doors and windows, and install security lighting on the front and rear of your home. You should also consider joining a neighbourhood watch scheme, which proves to your insurer that you are taking necessary steps to protect your home and may result in a discounted quote. It might also be beneficial to consider the height of the gates/fence around your home, as higher fences with locks on may be a useful way to deter burglars.


To protect your house from any accidental damage you should install a fire alarm and check the batteries monthly. Insurance providers will almost always ask if you have a working, fully fitted fire alarm in your house and they may penalise you for not having one fitted.


Another thing that should be considered when looking for a cheaper home insurance policy is your excess limit. Moneysupermarket says, 'If you are willing to cover more of the cost of any claim then you will reduce your home insurance premium'. This is because your insurer can tell by this amount how much you would be willing to pay out of your own pocket if the worst happens to your home. Those with a higher excess limit are less likely to make fraudulent claims, and will be rewarded for this in their insurance quote.



A Home Insurance guide, written by Rachael Miller at moneysupermarket.com



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