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Pain relief arthritis
Thousands of people in the UK suffer years of discomfort or crippling agony because there is no real pain relief for arthritis. Incredibly, people who have been very active in the past, are unable to do many enjoyable pursuits due to arthritis - gardening, traveling, playing sports, walking their dogs and shopping are just a few of the activities that are no longer available due to the lack of pain relief. Enjoying a deep and restful, pain free sleep would be wonderful for those who need the pain relief for arthritis. With this in mind, the following product is now available that can safely help treat pain in the privacy of your own home. Scroll down to enquire further.




Pain ban

Provide pain relief for chronic pain sufferers including conditions such as arthritis, headaches, migraine, back pain, osteo arthritis and many more ailments.

Pain ban

PAINBAN: PainBan X4000

The PainBan X4000 is the lastest product on the market for helping with chronic pain.

With the clinically tested and EC approved X4000 medical device you can now get pain relief just when and where you need it. This powerful treatment can be used safely in your home or office to help alleviate persistent and debilitating pains.

Here's how the PainBan X4000 will help reduce chronic and acute pain symptoms.

The PainBan X4000 is a revolutionary new Pain management device, which is a totally natural alternative to prescription medication. Unlike TENS and micro electric current therapy PainBan does not block pain; it promotes healing at a cellular level. PainBan treats the cause rather than the symptom.

PainBan works by delivering pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF). PEMF has undergone many scientific clinical trials worldwide. Tens of thousands of patients have been treated successfully however this is the first time the technology has ever been available in a portable hand held device. The patented technology used in PainBan also allows PEMF to be focused on a particular point in the body. Of all the numerous trials conducted on PEMF no negative side effects have been reported.

How does PainBan work?
Injured of inflamed cells resist the body's natural electric current, preventing the supply of blood, oxygen and vital nutrients. The PainBan device delivers an electrical current. This current penetrates the inflamed cells, restoring the essential blood supply, removing cell waste and bringing about direct pain relief. The patented technology in the device produces the electromagnetic field, the device does not contain magnets of any kind.

The device (the size of a large pen) is simply placed against the area of pain to deliver the therapy. PainBan can be used as often as required, although it is pre-programmed to deliver therapy in 7-minute cycles. Invisible magnetic field lines "permeate" all cells in the body simultaneously through Low Intensity-Low Frequency patented programmed software algorithms, down to the deepest molecular level - reaching parts of the body that cannot be influenced efficiently with other methods.

Increased blood supply all targeted areas of body and limbs
Reduces Swelling

New blood vessels (re-vascularisation) form where needed
Eliminates pain

Improved circulation of the blood throughout body and limbs
No effect on heart rate or blood pressure

Significant oxygen increase in in blood for muscles, tissues and skin
Injured and inflammed tissues regenerate faster promoting faster healing

Increased oxygen use by all cells in areas treated
Ionic migration = movement of potassium, chloride, calcium, protein through every cell wall.

Polarises the cell wall membrane of all treated cells
Improved energy condition of all treated cells
Body autoimmune defences against inflammation and infection are optimised

ISO13485:2003 (Medical Device Approval)
ISO9001:2000 (Quality Management Company)
MDD Class IIa Active Medical Device
X4000 also meets requirements of EN60601-1:1990 low voltage directive
PainBan® X4000 is CE Marked in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC


Click here to read information on how the PAINBAN X4000 works,
questions answered and scientific research data



Physio Supplies UK are one of the leading internet suppliers of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and sports therapy equipment to the public and professional therapist.
If you are reading this, then there is an extremely high chance that either yourself - or someone you know is in some kind of pain. Physio Supplies offers a wide range of therapy equipment that can help ease, relieve, assist or potentially cure their such like symptoms. We also have an extensive range of exercise equipment that is used in the home, gyms, pilates, yoga and for general health and exercise.
Our extensive range of products include back, lumbar supports and cushions, knee, arm and leg supports, orthopaedic pillows, TENS Machines, exercise balls and bands, wobble boards, blood pressure monitors, plus many more items available. All of the products that we supply are used and recommended by physio's, professional, occupational & sports therapists.

Physio supplies including pain ban for arthritis pain relief

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